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090920 KBS Open Concert


I’m only postin like one because I’m super busy right now ! But uh this was pre recorded on September 8th

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ youtube

Sorry if this upsets you or anything but I thought this was new so I decided to watch it. This was the day Jay left Korea to go back home so as you can tell – Taec doesn’t look too happy. He can try all he wants but everyone knows what’s up. He’s not the usual beast and his voice is not his best. I would totally not want to be there if my best friend was leaving.


090917 M! Countdown


I don’t think I ever saw Epik High perform since they were like in the States for quite a while but they had their comeback today. ;) We also had a new girl group, HAM debuting (seriously, who comes up with the names?)

Sadly, it was Taec’s last stage for a while. I can’t believe it =/

Credit: urasiansourcekpop @ youtube

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090911 Music Bank


I like the performances this week as well. I think most of the stars are going soon? and bringing in the new groups and stuff as well. F(X)’s DEBUT STAGE WAS ONNNN AS WELL, REALLY EXCITED TO WATCH IT HEHEHEHEHEEHEHE. (Yes I recap while I watch if you haven’t known that only because I don’t remember what I wanna say once I end the video)

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090910 M! Countdown


Aw we have a guy’s comeback; I saw him on Pops In Seoul and he seemed very funny ! He was part of Paran. Can you guess who now?  haha RYAN. He sounds fluent in english too, strange how he looks awfully familiar. i’ll have to stalk him more to see.

A lot of collabs this week too. I nearly forgot that there was Mnet today.

Ryan –  I love his voice omgg, he sounds so good live. It’s different from other guys, sorta like really deep manly but it’s soooo good. He holds the notes so well, dude my new fave crush. Watch out :) I like the background too, although the dancers looked random to me, like I hate how sometimes there’s only 2 guys who dance..looks lonely.

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090906 Inkigayo



I seriously have to start installing the thing so I can watch it live !

But anyways, I think the video quality really sucks lmao; but idk it doesn’t bother me as much. Today was F(X)’s debut and Trax+ Air GOT TO PERFORM OMG I WAS WAITIN FOR IT FOR SO LONG. I was searching stuff about TRAX and they don’t look like average idols I guess. They’re more rock – ish.

I might just put the performances in order and stuff so it’s easier yeah? :) No need to thank me lol.

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090905 Music Core


YAYYYYY F(X)’S debut :) Amber was so fireceeeee lol. I’m gonna say like a whole lot about their performance the most so like yeah. This might be the only time I’ll be talking really normal. I’m so sorry );

Credit: dailykpopnews @ youtube

I have absolutely no idea why I even posted the video up instead of link but just a taste ot :) This is only the intro, yet it’s so fierce. Did you even see Victoria’s ending pose? like what the heck -________________- no one in the world can do that except my friend who’s like a gymnast and her.

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090827 M! Countdown


Okay so we’re finally back to performances ! whooooo ! and it’s almost time for me to go back to school, less then two weeeks to be exact. Which means I don’t know; I probably might be really tired on the first week of school =/ but yeah hopefully I don’t abandon this ):

Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon – I always found this pairing to be really odd but at least they look good and make it work like she’s 20 or something. I still miss her ballads and I  heard she won’t be doing that anymore.  I think Taec’s lip syncing too, he’s still not going to be able to talk =/ lol his shoes looked like flip flops when he came out.

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