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Park Bom – “You and I” MV



Her voice is really good, so it’s nice that she got to do a song of her own. She looks really pretty in the music video too. CUPCAKES EVERYWHERE ! Aw the scene with her playing a game with him is so beautiful. I think he’s suffering through an illness and it’s going to be a real sad mv ~ awww, it’s too cute that she makes him cupcakes. Too bad he tries to fall down the stairs but luckily doesn’t succeed. AWWW, she dreams of them having a baby – he draws a picture of her while she’s sleeping. It’s Christmas and she paints a picture of a christmas tree for him. Damn, I’m crying now DD; At the end she’s waiting for him and holds the notebook he drew in. We assume he passed away basically, which sucked ): why’d she have to make such a sad music video DDDDDDD: the end, he writes ‘지켜주지 못해 미안해’ which means ‘Sorry I’m not there to protect you’


091010 Dream Concert


I’ve been sick for the past two days so I’ve been slacking off and haven’t posted anything.

There were pictures that I was uploading but then my mom came in and got me all pissed and I screwed up and all my pictures were deleted so i don’t have any photos to upload.

So now, I’m not like in the mood and if someone even comes in my room and tells me something; I might just beat them up for no reason and most likely it’ll have to be my idiotic cousin who’s sittin 2 inches away from my face asking me “watcha doing?” for the past hour !

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091003 Idol Big Show


My quality turned to crap today T_T and that really bugs me now since all the photos and stuff are really blurry ):

I’m glad I got to posting again and I really apologize but I was just really tired.

But this show really gave me an extra boost :)

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090911 Music Bank


I like the performances this week as well. I think most of the stars are going soon? and bringing in the new groups and stuff as well. F(X)’s DEBUT STAGE WAS ONNNN AS WELL, REALLY EXCITED TO WATCH IT HEHEHEHEHEEHEHE. (Yes I recap while I watch if you haven’t known that only because I don’t remember what I wanna say once I end the video)

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Dara feat Lee Minho – “Kiss” MV


Credit: leeminhovn @ youtube

I LOVE THIS SONGG, OMGG IT’S SO FREAKIN CATCHY. Minho’s hair is nasty lol, although Dara looks really cute. I think if they ever dated, it’d be perfect. It looks natural too.  Although the beer made them act really drunk haha. I heard she acted too so that really shows. Lmao the concert scene is like the same. Love his hair here btw. His ride is pretty hot. I like Minho’s reaction when he sees her, I wish guys would act that way too. towards me. Still, in the song there’s the 2NE1 saying in there. I think the beer ruined the MV a lot, like dude haha. But I guess in a CF it’s pretty common but I like it haha. Aw he gives her the can ring thing, weird how in here he’s like super rich.


090906 Inkigayo



I seriously have to start installing the thing so I can watch it live !

But anyways, I think the video quality really sucks lmao; but idk it doesn’t bother me as much. Today was F(X)’s debut and Trax+ Air GOT TO PERFORM OMG I WAS WAITIN FOR IT FOR SO LONG. I was searching stuff about TRAX and they don’t look like average idols I guess. They’re more rock – ish.

I might just put the performances in order and stuff so it’s easier yeah? :) No need to thank me lol.

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2NE1 – “I don’t Care” Reggae Version


Credit: Jenpooable @ youtube

This version makes their voices more but the whole background reggae thing doesn’t work for me lol.