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TOP – IRIS Stills


I hate his hair in this movie/drama. Yet I love his role in it. He fits right in with the whole gun and i’m a bad ass type of thing. Love it <3 ;) Can’t wait to watch it too (:


Dream Team Pictures of Minho & Junho



woww I did not expect Minho to have abs at all ! WTH WHEN WAS THIS MINHO?!!!! I’m pretty much staring at it now. I don’t even know what this is about but seeing them just together is really cool. I like how the put the quietest members together, it’s sooooo great ♥ I bet Jonghyun has something that he needs to show too, maybe abs AND arms?

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090901 Wild Bunny Ep 07


Rest are on time2sub2’s channel

Recapping first part again :) It probably goes by pretty fast lol. I’m disappointed that I don’t get to recap the funny parts since it’s all the parts ahead. But that’s good haha, I won’t have to type and watch at the same time for every episode. I find this the most interesting lol. Jay is still a fail, and I love it. Khun’s crazy laughs might be the greatest revolution ever haha. The world must be ending. There’s so many spazzes in the episode, I found myself laughing a minute into the first part lol. Btw today’s 2PM’ one year anniversarry :D

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Nickhun’s Crazy Laughs on Wild Bunny Ep 07


Credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube

LMAO KHUN WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! He let himself go like all the members on the show lol !!!! :D At the beginning, it was sorta a manly laugh and as the vid progressed, it was slowly turning like Teuk style lol. I’ve never seen him laugh like that so it’s pretty crazy. Fave part would be Jay asking him if he understands (cuz he was reading something) and he says “No XDDDDD”

I’m waitin on subs still so I’ll recap as soon as possible :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD


090825 Wild Bunny ep 06


Rest are on time2sub2’s channel.

Okay my bad, I nearly forgot about this until I just realized it. It’s been out for two days so if you’ve watched it then yay. I did too but not with eng so here I go recapping the very first part of ep 06. I’d just like to say that even without subs, it’s pretty much still cracktastic but then the pun is actually even more too. I wonder if this is aired at noon or like 12 am.

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Heading to the Ground – Teasers


Credit: dirah9303 @ youtube

I was expecting something really different lol. More like a sad drama based on sorta his life? But I’m glad it’s not, or else that’d be pretty much boring. I don’t think this drama was a big challenge for him because he himself, is pretty much the same type of person right? :) SO JEALOUS OF THAT GIRL UGH. She’s not my fave actor and yet she gets to kiss him. T_____________________T but anyways, there will be 16 episodes starting on September 9th.


Preview Jessica & Sunny on Taemin’s Sitcom


Credit: jenny69008 @ youtube

lol I love the way Jess introduces herself, it’s sounds so american lol. Taemin’s face is always so ;DDDDDDDDDDD is he filming during their stay in Japan too? I feel so bad for that lady who gets all pushed out cuz of them haha. But they’re so cute <3 oh and I finally know the title of the sitcom, Tae Hye Ji.