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36th, 37th Cyworld Digital Music Awards


So I don’t know lol. 2NE1 is getting really popular and they’ve won the rookie award. Outsider was also there and he looked really good.


090813 Outsider & Narsha M! Countdown


Credit: elavipp @ youtube

I don’t think I mentioned this but I love Narsha alot, she’s one of my faves in BEG but I’m sort of disappointed here because it sounds like she’s lip syncing. But either way, her voice is really nice so what a pity. Outsider got a haircut lol, he looks way better now. Rather than his other long hair, it’s quite shaped up paired with skinnys! Every guy seems to be wearing that now. Narsha’s hair bothers me gosh, it’s like framing half her face, YOOCHUN STYLE T_________T