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091029 SHINee @ Shim Shim Tapa


Ring Ding Dong – Jonghyun’s freakin hot singing with a hoodie and his hand in his pocket, URGH MUST CONTROL MYSELF. Onew’s such a cutie. Key’s wearin his troll ring btw. I love Shinyoung and Shindong just bustin out their moves. Onew’s such a dork for pulling the mic and hittin it in his face for pulling too hard. Shindong pops up from nowhere and makes Taemin so scared. LOL THEN THEY BOTH DO IT (: Onew cracks lol and makes this super duper grin omggg <3 Shindong’s hair sorta matches Taemin’s now.

Y.O.U -Minho’s hear YUUUS, you can hear him sing finally. LMFAO AT THE END, Onew’s so weird, Still holding his mic and makes a creeepy face but flashes his smile xD

Onew : How Deep Is Your Love – I love this song <3 Halfway Key starts being a diva and Taemin joins along. Jonghyun looks dead tired though/I think he’s asleep lol.


091021 SHINee @ ChinChin Radio


Intro & Outro omo omo omo, Key’s being such a cutie hottie that bear is so damn lucky too >>:) Onew haha trying to strike a pose with the bear. I wanna do that with him DDD; Key’s still such a camera whore tryin to steal all the attention :DDDDD urggggggh she’s holding their album ! I’m going to buy it soon..hopefully like an hour from now or tomorrow. @ 2:17 to like a little more, Onew’s doing a bunch of expressions. (: what a cutie ♥ then at the end posing with the bear is so cute (:

Ring Ding Dong & Y.O.U LIVEEE ♥ I love it (: Onew looks so cute and his smile’s adroable. Taemin’s voice is really manly now and I’m crying cause he’s not the magnae anymore DDDDD; I miss his old self so much. Man he’s grown so much. omgg the move Key does before his part around 2 10 is hot ((: Aw so Minho’s not here to do the song D; he’s  filming Dream Team Key’s rap repleacement was really sexy. hehe and Taeyeon’s so fantastic and elastic yaaaaa. lol

I’m glad they got to do Y.O.U live (:

Get Down – Now that I’ve listened to the song again, it’s amazing. Key’s cute doing his little hand movements. I’m in love with Jonghyun’s hair btw. and him mouthing the words hehe <3 Wow Taemin looks really mature, he looks the same age as Onew. I love Key, isn’t he just cute rapping out the whole song with movements. I love his hair, the pictures made me think it was ridiculous. Jonghyun looks high by the end of the song (:

Onew singing “Clockwork” – aw another Onew cover ! his hair reminds me of Jaejin’s too and makes his face like huger than it really is. I love his voice though so if you just cover the hair up, it’s quite perfect. idk why they cut his hair D: why can’t they just leave it alone ?


090924 F(X) on Shim Shim Tapa Radio


Sorry Sorry – AHHH I love Sorry Sorry ;) Amber does Hae’s part lmao. Although they were laughing about it. Everyone’s in such a good mood, Shindong improvising lol ;)

Amber’s rap – Finally we have a clearer version of her rap from her showcase ;) I like the way she raps, like at certain points she’ll just have a really high note. If people didn’t know her, they would’ve mistakened her for a really hot male rapper.

Lachata – I think the dance distracts me a lot so just hearing them sound was really nice. Amber is so cute dancing along ;) The radio station’s 95.9 btw (:


Amber, Luna & Amber – “One Love” Cover


Credit: kpopseries

OMGGGG i love this song ;D i’m so happy she did this, Dude new ringtone !

lol, omgg Amber made that song even cooler. I love the chorus too.  lol Krystal <3 her english, so she’s fluent. I wish it was longer though =/ But whatever, i’l just replay it until I feel like i’m tired of it. Which won’t be until a while ;O