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090903 M! Countdown


I feel so sad recapping these shows ): there’s not really anyone left that is really interesting. But then I’m glad cuz once they’re all back at the same time, it’ll be really hectic. Congrats to BEG winning and beating KARA by 3 votes :D ps their outfits are really shiny. Anyone can spot them a mile away.

Brown Eyed Girls – I disapprove of their outfit but they finally won ! Like finally. I love the transition from the end of the performance and then Kara appears out of nowhere. Here’s them winning

Kara – I hate those outfits omgg. I love the outfits when Nicole wore that pink tank top. It feels like they’ve performed this for so long. But they’ll be singing another track right?

Jewelry – I really love their song lol. It’s so catchy, but I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed yet. I feel bad for them coming back when F(X) is going to debut lol. SO MANY GIRL GROUPS D;